The acceleration in tuition costs in the past 30 years has a surprisingly simple origin, mostly stemming from Title IV of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993:

Title IV: Student Loan ERISA Provisions — Subtitle A: Direct Student Loan Provisions — Student Loan Reform Act of 1993 — Amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) to replace the Federal Family Education Loan Program, under which loans made by private lenders are guaranteed by the Government with a Federal Direct Student Loan Program, to be partially phased in over a five-year transition period.

Up until 1993, the federal government…

Over time, I’ve come to notice that the parts of Twitter and other social networks that cause stress tend to fall under three categories:

  1. FOMO
  2. Clickbait
  3. Being manipulated into forming our opinions on something based on how many likes/retweets it gets.

Having said that, I put together some uBlock Origin filters that remove a lot of that noise, aiming to make Twitter a more peaceful place to stay connected to people.

Here’s how the main feed changes:

My motivation for building Medius News is quite simple. From the very beginning, the concept of news was built around informing people.

The advent of the internet and ad-supported news made it so that most publications have put more and more emphasis on opinion pieces and attention-grabbing headlines, aka clickbait. This has made it harder than ever for someone looking only to be informed, rather than be told how to feel about the events of the world.

Having said this, I decided my next side project would attempt to tackle this. Medius News is a news aggregator whose main objective…

Any debate regarding the high costs of healthcare inevitably involve the argument that because sick people are “under duress”, they can’t shop around for healthcare. Logically, this should mean that a market based approach to health care can’t work.

However, a core idea that many choose to ignore when making this argument, is the fact that healthcare is in fact two markets in one. The two markets in question are commonly divided into “emergent” and “non-emergent”.

Market 1: Emergent healthcare

For emergencies, surgeries, and conditions that require expensive ongoing care like cancer, patients are in a form of duress in the sense that if…

Growing up in the NYC area, I’ve been fortunate to see just how big of an impact the design of a city can have on the everyday life of its citizens. Over the past few years in particular, I’ve been fascinated by the power of proper urban planning, and its role in the resurgence of cities all over the US.

Below, you’ll find my take on what I think is the ideal design from a transportation and housing perspective, from the city core level all the way to national travel between cities. I emphasize my use of the word “ideally”…


Here lies the home of my two cents.

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